Intro to Arnold for Maya

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  • Mentor: Frederic Durand
  • Skill level: Beginner
  • Course time:1 hour 40 min
  • Software: Maya, Arnold
  • Project files: Included
  • Course Cost: $49 USD
Course overview
Let’s have look at Arnold lighting, shading and rendering tools in 90 minutes.
This hour and half spent will empower Junior artists and artist new to lighting 
as they realize that maybe it is not such a complex endeavor !
This tutorial is aimed at artists who transition from another renderer and
want to get a rapid overview or Arnold before deciding to invest more time into it.
intro to arnold for maya

About this course

I will introduce you to the main aspects of Solid Angle’s Arnold, the official lighting, shading and rendering companion of Maya since 2017, it is a great all-rounder renderer I have used on feature films and smaller commercial projects since 2007. 
I will start by exploring how Arnold is integrated to Maya, working with the very fast interactive rendering window. 
Next by examining the main settings that are responsible for a noise-free rendering while maintaining an acceptable rendering time.
Different scenarios such as indoor, outdoor, daylight and nighttime will be analyzed. 
All-time favorites for any CG artists: depth of field, motion blur and volumetric effects are discussed too. I hope this course will give you the confidence needed to delve longer and deeper in lighting and rendering with Arnold! - Frederic Durand (Mentor)

Course Information

  • Course Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes
  • This course can be taken at any time
  • Category: Lighting & Rendering
  • 49 USD
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Software required: Autodesk Maya , Arnold
  • Instructor: Frederic Durand
Learning Information

What will I learn?

  • Rapid but effective bird’s-eye view of the renderer
  • Understanding how computer-generated illumination is related to cinematography
  • What differentiate daylight lighting versus nighttime
  • How to approach lighting for an indoor scene versus outdoor
  • Creating mind-blowing volumetric effects such as god rays
  • Creating realistic material descriptions like metal and wood
  • Creating photo-realistic effects like depth of field and motion blur
  • How to render with the desired quality and acceptable rendering time
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Learn different light setups both indoor and outdoor techniques
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Find out how to improve your workflow during compositing

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Course Lessons

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Meet the mentor

Frederic Durand

Frederic Durand has had the opportunity to work at Sony Imageworks, Disney Animation, DreamWorks, Jim Henson’s Workshop, MPC and Digital Domain on animated films, feature films, and commercials during the past 20 years.
As a leading lighting artist, his approach is not only technical, but also artistic and integrates aspects of cinematography into his approach.
He has been teaching lighting and rendering classes with Arnold, V-Ray, Redshift, Renderman and Nuke at the Gnomon school, the University of South California and now at Sophoria.
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