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Dragon Animation

Dragon Animation Assets


Take a look at how to apply these awesome assets to your Dragon Rig. More assets will be added in due course. You will get the new assets for free of course!
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Over 30 Unique animations

Dragon Walk Cycle

Dragon Run Cycle

Dragon Landing

Lips Jiggle

Tongue Flick

Muscle Jiggle

Dragon Flight Cycle

Dragon Climb Cycle

Dragon Glide Cycle

Turn Right Cycle

Turn Left Cycle

Eye Blink

Nostril Breathe

Tongue Vibrate

Tail Windy Frills

Tail Tip Y Rotation

Tail Tip Flight Cycle X

Tail Flight Cycle Rot X

Tail Flight Cycle Double Speed

Tail Rotation Large - Y

Windy Membranes

Finger Wobble Rotation Z - Inverse

Finger Wobble Rotation Z

Finger Wobble Y

Finger Wobble Y - Inverse

Neck Jiggle Head Driven - Falloff

Neck Jiggle - Head

Neck Jiggle - Head 02

Neck Jiggle chest RL

Neck Jiggle chest LR

Leg Muscle Jiggle - Both

Frills Rotate - LR

Frills Side Wobble

Frills Up & Down Wobble

Frills Rotation - RL

Windy Frills

What do i get when i buy the Dragon Animation Assets?

You will have access to the dragon animation assets and an intro video.
A little history about the Dragon Rig

About Our Dragon Rig

Discover the unique Sophoria Dragon Rig, carefully crafted over the course of a year by a team of professional riggers and animators from around the world, and finalized by the esteemed Ara Hokhikyan, one of the best riggers in the industry.

Featuring multiple layers of complexity and a range of switches for both flight and ground modes, the Dragon Rig enables animators to easily switch between shots and animate the dragon's movements in 3D space.

Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind rig and bring your animations to life. But be sure to share your work and tag #SophoriaAcademy to show your support!

Rig Purchase Rules

*Before deciding on purchasing the rig please read our
Terms and Conditions

  • You may use the Dragon rig in your personal projects but under no circumstances may you use it commercially.
  • You may NOT customize or adjust any part of the Dragon rig or Dragon model.
  • You may NOT distribute the Dragon rig, all purchases of the rig itself are recorded.
  • You may NOT distribute the Dragon Rig PICKER that comes with the rig as standard.
  • All purchases are final, no refunds will be allowed.

Buy the Dragon Rig now!

What do i get when i buy the Rig?

Besides the rig and the picker, you will get training videos on how to load the rig and introduction video for both the Dragon and the Picker.

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